Permanent magnet motors

Permanent magnet motors are widely used, both in small power applications and in high power machines. In the permanent magnet motors of DB Elettrotecnica, the rotating part consists of a rotor wound by copper conductors with termination to the commutator. The part that generates the fixed magnetic field is instead composed of a tube and permanent magnets. The feeding takes place, through the graphite brushes, directly to the manifold. By reversing the polarity to the commutator, we obtain the inversion of the rotation direction of the motor.

From the dimensional point of view, the motors of this type are conventionally identified with the external diameter of the tube, in the case of the production of DB Elettrotecnica the most requested types are for example the diameters 40mm and 48mm.

The permanent magnet electric motors designed by DB Elettrotecnica are produced for very low voltages, in particular for 12V to 24V power supplies. Motors for other kind of voltage are available on request.

The Technical and design department of the DB Elettrotecnica is available to meet the needs of the customer and design permanent magnet motors, customized and tested to achieve the specific objectives required by our clients.