DB Elettrotecnica was born in 1990 when Ugo Bonardi established the company in its first headquarters in Passirano. At DB Elettrotecnica, we focused the initial production on universal motors for household appliances, in particular for blenders, mincers and hairdryers.

In the following years the development of new products and the production of permanent magnet motors led DB Elettrotecnica to expand its catalogue and the number of its customers. It was the period of our entry in Vending and coffee machines field. In the 2000 years, with the transfer and expansion of the company at the current headquarters in Camignone, (the production area exceeds today 1500 square meters) we added to our areas of operations the production of motors for the electro-medical sector as a new key part of our business.

The increase in production volumes and the difference in the type of customer base has led DB Elettrotecnica to expand again in recent years, even though our sector has suffered heavily from the economic crisis.

DB Elettrotecnica today is a largely automated company that produces motors entirely “made in Italy” intended to be exploited in different application and commercial contexts.

Thanks to our long experience in the production of permanent magnet motors and universal motors, the production of DB Elettrotecnica is structured to satisfy every customer’s requirement. The technical and design department is always available to find the best solutions to the most disparate problems, proposing a range of products made in the image of the customer.

DB Elettrotecnica can design and build brush motors with permanent magnet that are made and designed according customer’s idea