Planetary gear motors

In recent years, the range of products of the DB Elettrotecnica has been enriched with a brand new series of type, the planetary gear motors. At DB Elettrotecnica, we produce directly our planetary gearbox, the design and the number of stages depends on customers’ needs, as well as the type of materials used. The toothed wheels and the various mechanism are made in plastic or metal. DB Elettrotecnica can produce planetary gear motors with one, two, three or four stages, depending on the reduction ratio needed by the customer. In any case, we study, design and define the characteristics of the product side-by-side with the customer, in order to obtain the best result for your needs. If necessary, our gear motors can be equipped with an encoder.

For planetary gearboxes we report both the mechanical resistance values ​​of reference (torque, weight and loads) and the main dimensional dimensions.